Mylo ::: BLM

Project Description

Mylo as I said is a very affectionate gentle playful two and a half year old black lab with the most beautiful Brown like almond colour eyes. He was trained in the Dspca and can go to bed, sit, lie down, stay, wait, leave it, take a bow and knows where his food is, where the butter is etc. He’s very clever. The pictures I took yesterday really don’t do him justice. My fiancee has beautiful photos of him in Paddys Day outfit and Christmas and Halloween which we put on the Dspca website and they used it on their website. He got nearly 400 likes. If you want Ill send on a few more. Just think he’s very photogenic and there’s something about his eyes. I can’t go anywhere with him , everyone stops me to say how beautiful he is and what a shiny coat he has.